Featured Project

The client wanted a website that would work well on mobile devices, especially the small screen of a smart phone. The site was re-designed using Responsive Web Design features that allow the website to look great no matter what type of device is used.

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Business Website and Blog

The client wanted a website that would not only advertise her massage services but would also allow her to quickly and easily create weekly updates to her blog. The blog is also integrated with her Facebook page so she can easily expand her marketing presence using the power of social media.

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Responsive Design

In today's world, people view websites from all kinds of devices -- from small mobile phones to large screen monitors. As a result, websites must be adaptable to different sized screens. How does your website look on a mobile phone? Is it easy to navigate or does it require lots of scrolling right and left, and up and down? There is a solution. Responsive Web Design

Fundraising Website

This client uses their website for fund raising activities. The website features a shopping cart and credit card processing capabilities. This is a WordPress website with e-commerce plugins.

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Affordable Website Design and Development Solutions

Kris DeBruine - Web Developer - Bellingham, WASpecializing in web design and marketing solutions for small business and non-profit organizations. I use WordPress publishing software and professional templates to create polished websites that utilize powerful software and a huge library of plugins and tools for web functionality.

Do you need a website for your business or non-profit organization? Or does your existing website need a facelift? Do you want to add mobile device capabilities to your site?  I can help you acheive your goals, and help your website get listed on major search engines. I offer a full range of web design, hosting, and search engine optimization services.

Web Design Featured Projects

  • University Faculty Website
    Client: The Western Christian Faculty Forum
    Date: May 2014
    Info: A Responsive WordPress Website with Custom Theme Design
    Launch Project

    University Faculty Forum Website The client needed a website to advertise an upcoming conference that...

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  • Massage Therapist
    Client: Kathie Tupper, LMP
    Date: January 2013
    Info: WordPress, Template, Social Media Integration
    Launch Project

    WordPress Site with Template This WordPress site is designed for a licensed massage therapist with...

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  • HVAC Business
    Client: Ray Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.
    Date: April 2013
    Info: Responsive WordPress
    Launch Project

    The client was looking for a total revamp of their website.  The original site, had...

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